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    California Prep International School, Saraburi

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    Dear California Prep Family:

    Greetings to all!

    Welcome to California Prep International School (California Prep or CA Prep in short)! This is the school in Thailand that introduces the 1st complete e-leaning program from grades 6 to 12. This is a school that will continue to be among the best in its category and widely recognized as one of the premiere international schools in Thailand. The school provides quality education to Thai youngsters and also to expatriate children. I believe you will find a consistent theme in our school. All activities and processes are designed to achieve the school mission: "CaliforniaPrep is committed to the harmonious development of the whole person for student excellence in academics, character/personality, useful service, and global citizenship. Moreover, it intends to continue its tradition to be the 1st complete e-learning international school in Thailand."

    California Prep International School is the new name of a school that started in 2009 in Saraburi Province. Due to some circumstances beyond control, the CA Prep faculty and administrators have decided to change the name. This has also received favorable response from the parents. CA Prep has rigorous academic program supported by a dedicated and caring teaching staff. It has been promoting greatness in her students through her stated mission and programs to inspire students with a passion for learning and to cultivate Christian conduct. Other positive qualities that the school has been stressing are positive thinking, self-discipline, and creativity. These are viewed as the necessary essentials for success in the global community.

    Undoubtedly, students who come to the portals of our school with an intense desire to learn will become different persons. They will be changed for the better and eventually grow to be responsible and smarter citizens of the country. Surely, indeed, they will become positive contributors to society. This is possible due to our collaborative efforts and focus on our students and their learning for them to be fully prepared to hurdle the rigorous requirements in the universities. Furthermore, the school and its workforce will give all-out support that the students may widen their horizons of skills even for the immediate life's realities.

    Yours sincerely,

    Dr. Phakdee Mangmiwatthana, Ph.D.


  • Dr. Libato 2ADELINO T. LIBATO, PH.D.

    Co-Board Chairman / Co-Founder / Academic Administrator
    California Prep International School (Kaeng Khoi, Saraburi)

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    Dear Students, Parents, Teachers/Staff, & Friends:

    Kudos to the California Prep Team for pioneering the first complete e-learning modality at two international schools in Thailand!

    California Prep has an intense desire to be known for its three-pronged curriculum model. This reflects our niches or winning points such as: Core subjects with E-learning, Talents development, and Discipline/Values. To support these, our school has set reasonable tuition/fees and instituted scholarships. We passionately believe that our curriculum model with our qualified teachers who have successful track records will be able to help prepare the skills of our children for the economic boom and development showdown in Asia. We want our school to be known as the best on the above three educational targets plus character development.

    Permanent change for the better must be taking place in the lives of our students if education is to be a success. We are not just satisfied with developing the heads, hands, and heart. We attempt go beyond the 3-H to ensure that our students will make an overwhelming impact in their contributions to society. It may take years to plant a tree but it is feasible, by God’s grace, that every student who hurdles our curriculum will reflect a value-added flavor and twists for good citizenship. To achieve this student-centeredness, there are unique winning features that our school has been offering with passion such as:

    • Experience and qualification of personnel (preferably MA degree holders or ongoing)
    • Small class sizes with high engagement plus wide-screen LCD TVs
    • The emphasis on English speaking campus
    • Curriculum with trendy specializations: Business-Computer, Business-English and Math-Science
    • Discipline and values (strictly NO to smoking, drugs, & alcohol)
    • “Loafing” – Two teachers are assigned to help a class or a child in two years
    • Multiculturalism: acceptance, respect and tolerance for all colors and religious affiliations
    • Caring/supportive teachers and environment that integrates the divine Paragon of Virtues
    • Emphasis on accreditation and assessments with performance tracking
    • Going beyond being customer-driven to customer-delight

    Currently, we are growing in leaps and bounce but with obvious needs to be prioritized. However, there are convincing proofs that our school has been delivering excellent education at reasonable costs. Our branding and customer loyalty can attest to the fact that our system is effectively functioning. The untiring and superb support of our parents and friends deserve to be recognized. In addition, we also encourage them to invite their friends to visit with us and give a try to our academic menu. Obviously, the difference will emerge and you’ll enjoy with us the triumphs and trophies of collaboration!

    Kindest regards,

    Adelino T. Libato, Ph.D.

  •  Ning

    NUENGNALIN TAWINNO, M.Ed. (On Thesis Writing)

    Deputy Director for Operations / PR / School Manager
    California Prep International School, Saraburi

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    Dear California Prep Parents and Students,

    Greetings to all stakeholders and thank you for granting us the rare opportunity to nurture and help build up our wonderful and precious children!

    It is obvious that we are all dead-serious in pursuing the raison detre of our school’s existence which may be summed up as a balanced development of our students. This implies that our efforts must positively impact the character, attitude, and future of the students. In delivering our curriculum, we give our best efforts and we intend to pursue the moving targets of excellence, efficiency and effectiveness. California Prep desires to be known in its academic excellence specifically in Math, Science, English, and Business.

    Further, with academic excellence, our school will persevere in helping our students to develop self-discipline and self-control. It seems that self-control has the power to open more doors of success and happiness. Thus, parents and teachers must feel the demand for collaborative efforts in providing the best environment to our students. Good teachers and parents will tend to produce good citizens and contributors to society.

    Should you have questions, please don’t hesitate to visit with us or put in writing your feedback/suggestions/complaints. You can email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Once again, thank you for your solid and continued support and have a wonderful day!


    Sincerely yours,

    Nuengnalin Tawinno, M. Ed.


      9 Moo 11, Tambon Banpa, Amphoe Kaeng Khoi,
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     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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