Co-Board Chairman and Co-Founder Profile

Dr. Libato 2


Co-Board Chairman / Co-Founder / Academic Administator
California Prep International School (Kaeng Khoi, Saraburi)



Current Positions:

  • Co-Board Chair/Co-Founder/Academic Administrator: California Prep International School (Saraburi, Thailand)

  • Board Chair/Co-Founder/Academic Consultant: American Prep International School (Hat Yai, Thailand)

  • Chair, Advisory Board: Anglo Singapore International School (Bangkok, Thailand)

  • Consultant (Management, OB, OD, HR) with CPIS Team: International Schools & Establishments (Asia)

  • Vice-President for Human Resources- Thailand Based: Health and Education Foundation Inc. (Stegman Pkwy, Jersey City, NJ 07305)



  • Ph.D.- Educational Administration/Management, Central Mindanao University (CMU), Philippines. (1987-1992). CMU is a government-operated university. (with Personnel Management or HRM)

  • M.A.- Adventist University of the Philippines (AUP), Silang, Cavite, Philippines

  • M.A.- Adventist International Institute of Advanced Students (AIIAS is operated by the General Conference of the SDA in Maryland, USA. Sister institutions: Loma Linda University, CA and Andrews University, MI, USA)

  • AB Theology (+Education & Business Credits) Mountain View College, Valencia, Bukidnon 

  • Diploma (Leadership & Management), Southern Christian College, Midasayap, Cotobato


Former Positions/Experiences:

  • CEO-Board Chair/WASC-Academic Consultant, Siam International School, Rangsit, Pathumtani, Thailand

  • WASC Consultant, Adventist International Mission School, Asia-Pacific International University

  • Principal/Acting Director (Academic Administrator & AP Coordinator), Ekamai International School, Sukhumvit 37

  • Principal/Consultant, St. John Mary International School, Saraburi, Thailand (2005-2007)

  • ETS CETAS Administrator/Co-founder, SJMIS TOEFL Center, Saraburi, Thailand

  • Deputy Director for Development/WASC Consultant, Trinity International School, BKK

  • Board Chair/CIS-WASC Consultant: Anglo Singapore International School (Bangkok, Thailand)

  • Principal (Founding Days), AIIAS International Elementary School, Silang, Cavite (1992-1994) and Mountain View Academy (MVC), Mindanao, Philippines (1988-1990)


Teaching & Sabbatical:

  • Associate Professor, School of Graduate Studies, AIIAS, Silang, Cavite. Teaching Ph.D. & MBA courses in AIIAS & its Distance Learning Centers in various Asian countries (Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, etc.): Leadership & Administration, Organizational Behavior, HRM/HRD, Organizational Theory, Supervision & Instruction, & Youth Leadership. Seminary course taught: Church Administration, Advanced Strategies in Teaching Bible

  • Acting Dean/Chair, School of Graduate Studies & Educational Studies Dept., AIIAS and Director of Degree Program (MA Religious Education), AIIAS, Philippines

  • Sabbaticals (Research & Seminars) in various universities: UCLA, Harvard, Stanford, Wharton Business School, ECLA-Berkeley, Oxford, Cambridge, Stern Business School-NYU, MIT-Boston, CA & London.

  • Professor; Dean-School of Liberal Arts and Business; Department Chair; Principal: Mountain View College, Mindanao 

  • Visiting Lecturer at Asia-Pacific International University, Muak Lek, Saraburi and Philippine Christian University, Manila, Philippines In Consortium with Belarmine Global Education, Bangkok, Thailand


Accreditation Experience:

  • 1988: Chair, MVC, First ACSC Accreditation Visit (College & Academy)

  • 1997: Coordinator, 1st AIIAS PAASCU accreditation visit (February)

  • 1998: Co-Chair, AIIAS Coordinating Task Force for the Level II PAASCU visit, Philippines

  • 2003: Academic Council Chair/Leadership Team Chair, Ekamai International School (EIS) for the Team Visit, Western Association of Schools & Colleges (WASC), California, USA. EIS was awarded a 6-year accreditation from 2004 to 2010

  • 2005-2008: Consultant, WASC Accreditation for TRIS, SIS, SJMIS, TAM, etc.

  • 2009-2016: WASC/CIS Accreditation Consultant to several international schools in Thailand

  • Note: Accreditation Training Attended- PAASCU, AAA, WASC, CIS, WES, & ACSC-AA (Bangkok, Saigon, Kuala Lumpur, San Francisco- CA, Philippines- Cebu/Cagayan de Oro, etc.)

Who's Who List:

"The global online community of Filipino graduate scholars harnessing information technology to
attain international recognition." (Thesis) Ph.D., Central Mindanao University (Dissertation)

Publication/Contribution and Other Highlights:

  • Contributor, Ellen G. White Encyclopedia, ISBN: 9780828025041, Review and Herald Publishing, USA, Copyright 2014

  • Wrote two correspondence courses for AIIAS on "Organizational Behavior" and "Secondary School Principalship" for AIIAS (1993-96)

  • Presenter, "In-servicing of Christian Teachers Toward the Integration of Faith Learning and Life" at the International Conference of Christian College Teaching, Union College, Lincoln, Nebraska & Published in "Christ in the Classroom", Vol. 2, Washington, D.C.: Institute for Christian Teaching 1991. (Also presenter in Palo, Leyte SDA National Teachers' Convention-1988)

  • Contributed an article titled, "Putting the 'Team' in Teamwork", International Forum, School of Graduate Studies, AIIAS. ISSN 0119- 2000. October. This was read to the faculty of Trinity College, Manila on February 21, 2000

  • Contributed an article titled, "Giant overall mission/vision rediscovered in church-related institutions", International Forum, School of Graduate Studies, AIIAS, ISSN 0119-2000. April

  • Contributed an article titled, "The Theo-Scriptura Worldview: A Viable Option for 21st-century Educators", Intl. Forum, School of Graduate Studies, AIIAS, 0119-2001, April

  • MA Thesis: "A Survey on Personal Values of the Adventist Seniors in Luzon", Master's Thesis, Philippine Union College or Adventist University of the Philippines (1983)

  • Ph.D. Dissertation: "Determinants of Administrators' Facilitative Instructional Leadership in the Philippines" Doctoral Dissertation, Central Mindanao University, Bukidnon (1992)

  • Adviser/External Critic: Theses and Dissertations in AIIAS, AUP, Cavite & University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City

  • Speaker (Motivational/Spiritual/Seminar): Myanmar, New Jersey, California, Micronesia, Thailand, & Philippines; Recent: AYA Conferences, EIS, Bangkok (Dec 15, 2018) & MVAT Conference, EIS, Bangkok (Dec 1, 2018)

  • Former Member of AMA (New York), ASCD (Virginia, USA), and other societies

  • Panelist: 60th Anniversary of Thai-Phil Diplomatic Relations, August 7, 2010, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok (Other panel members: Thai Ambassador to Philippines, Philippine Ambassador to Thailand, and a Thai Professor)

  • Certificate: Awarded for passing the first Teachers Board examination for teachers in Manila: "Pambansang Lupon sa mga Guro (1979)

  • Certificate: Awarded Teacher's License in Thailand (2007-2008)

  • Certificate: Awarded an Administrator Certificate (2005-2012) by the Office of Education, Southeast Asia Union Mission of the SDA, Singapore

  • President: MVC Alumni Association; MVC Coop; MVC Student Association; Boys' Dorm Association; AUP Graduate School Student Association; Joint AUP-AIIAS Graduating Class

  • Editing Experience: Editor of MVC School Paper and Associate Editor of MVC Yearbook



      9 Moo 11, Tambon Banpa, Amphoe Kaeng Khoi,
      Saraburi 18110, Thailand


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     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Contact Numbers:

    +66 (0)36 358 714
    +66 (0)81 257 5455
    +66 (0)86 137 2377

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