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Covid-19 Prevention Policy
(มาตรการป้องกัน COVID-19)
"The New Normal"

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  - C P I S  B u l l e t i n -  

  • nst fair 4876181

    CPIS Students Join NST Fair 2020

    California Prep’s Ninety students and fourteen chaperons went on a science educational field trip specifically to join the “NST Fair 2020” (National Science Technology) held at the Impact Arena in Muang Thong Thani last November 18, 2020.

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  • fire drill 4876184

    CPIS Conducts Evacuation Drills

    When the siren was surprisingly turned on, everybody was alerted and started taking orders from the teachers.  All students followed the protocols of the emergency evacuation plan. Students and teachers later found themselves in various assembly points.

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  • week of prayer 4862312

    Student-Led Week of Prayer and Meditation

    California Prep conducted its yearly Student-Led Week of Prayer and Meditation last November 9-13, 2020 in the CPIS auditorium. With morning and afternoon daily meetings, the spiritual event had the theme the “God Who Became Man”.

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  • 01 mast lear

     'Mastery Learning' Approach 

    To build up the self-esteem of every child, the school employs heavily the Mastery Learning Approach with student-centered learning. Mastery learning may imply that a particular student has mastered at least 80% of the course or subject standards or strands. This calls for a tall and demanding order from the teachers in the sense that they have to be more focused. In the language of experts, we say that teachers may few well-selected materials but the students will learn more.
  • 01 Comp Assess

     Competitive Assessments 

    Aside from our regular internal assessments, the school has been using two external assessment tools such as the IOWA and the MAC II tests to monitor and track the student academic performance. MAC II is for the English tracking while the IOWA is for the core subjects. Through these assessments, the students learning gaps or academic weaknesses will be identified. Once the student learning gaps will be identified, the school staff will then develop remedial interventions to close the gaps.

  • 01 e leanr

     e-Learning Modality 

    Being the 1st e-learning international school in Thailand, California Prep is on the road to speed up its full e-Learning venture with its netbooks/computers, e-Textbooks, e-Resources, intranet, interactive whiteboards, iPad, and a state of the art computer curriculum.  The advantages of the e-Learning modality are multifarious. Some of which are as follows: speeds up learning; allows the students to grow with their own pace; supports visual & audio learning; develops creativity via podcast & video-cast; and a native speaker once the audio icon is clicked for accent neutralization and proper pronunciation of the words.
  • 01 eng spk emp

     English Speaking Emphasis 

    Learning English language pretty well may mean at least 5 years of solid English immersion. Even so-called native speakers struggle with their English grades. To increase the students' English proficiency level is a felt need. Undeniably, this is one of the most challenging academic mountains to surmount. The medium of instruction in an international school is English. Hence, there is no other option as far as the "classroom language" is concerned but English-English-English. Academic survival implies a solid grasp of the English language.

  • Redeptive Discipline re

     Redemptive Discipline 

    In implementing the broad curriculum, the school and its personnel recognize that service is the bottom line. This perspective will have a trickle-down effect on the quality and cost. Any ambitious student is welcomed. In fact, the school has generous scholarships and discounts such as follows: Worthy Students' Scholarship; Corporate Discounts (5 students and above); Government Workers' Children Discount; Student Leaders' Scholarship; and ACE Talents Scholarship.

  • 01 self disp v


    Studies in prestigious universities around the world have consistently supported that children with good self-control and/or self-discipline tend to have far greater chances of success and better lives than those who lack self-control or miserably dysfunctional. Moreover, those kids with right values appear to be better prepared to tackle life's realities. Right values are viewed from perspective of multiculturalism where we learn to accept, respect, and tolerate any human being regardless of color, religious affiliation, status, and etc.
  • 01 talent dev

     Talents Development  

    California Prep accepts ordinary and super kids. For the super kids, the school gives all-out support in any way imaginable to help the kids reach their dreams. For the ordinary kids, our school endeavors to create an environment that brings out their best talents and potentials. By honing and developing the talents or gifts, we can transform ordinary kids to extra-ordinary citizens with better economic future.

  • Drug Free rE

     Drug-free Campus 

    Our school intends to promote cultural values of various countries from time to time such as that of the host country like its cultural celebrations and the Thai "wai". However, the school does not regret in divulging its bias such as: Strictly NO to drugs, alcohol, and smoking. Thus, students and teachers who can't comply with this entry discipline have no place in the system.

CPIS Online

The CPIS Online Program is designed for customized high-engagement with contextually insightful and relevant academic contents.


Online learning is accessible to anyone who has a computer, tablet or smartphone.


Students can take part in the online school from any location where they can get an internet connectivity.


The tools and resources that can be offered from within an online classroom have been proven to be effective.


Students can learn from the comfort of their home. It means that there are no travel costs in online learning.


Going to school can be daunting for many teens. When teens feel anxious about going to school, the quality of their learning can be compromised.


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