Competitive Assessments

Aside from our regular internal assessments, the school has been using two external assessment tools such as the IOWA and the MAC II tests to monitor and track the student academic performance. MAC II is for the English tracking while the IOWA is for the core subjects. Through these assessments, the students learning gaps or academic weaknesses will be identified. Once the student learning gaps will be identified, the school staff will then develop remedial interventions to close the gaps. These measures are intended to prevent the "blind promotion" of students from one level to the next.

This "blind promotion", which unfortunately is prevalent, tends to lead the students to "academic suicide" when they reach high school. If ever they succeed in graduating from high school, they become academically crippled or handicapped graduates. In short, these graduates may lack the basic skills in communication, problem solving, and etc. Destitute of the basics for the university rigor, they drop out along the way or go on with low academic performance. Perchance they graduate from college, employment with good pay will be nil or almost impossible.

With the interest of promoting mastery learning, our school envisions to increase our assessment tools by buying and using the Stanford Achievement Test. This will be the third external assessment tool. This particular external assessment is aligned with the California Department of Education curriculum. Three external assessment tools will be sufficient enough to reliably identify the academic problems of our students. Of course, parents will be involved in helping those who may be at-risk academically. With collaborative efforts, the remedial measures will be doubly effective in helping our children at school.

To set higher standards of excellence, the school will be encouraging and challenging the G11 and G12 students to take the SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test), TOEIC, TOEFL and even the IB/AP tests. The school will be partially assisting the students in the preparation of these tests. However, the financial aspect will be borne by the students. But those students who will pass the toughest external tests (AP and IB tests) may partially get some financial supports plus an "academic hero honor" or as the Administrative Committee may decide.


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