School-wide Learner Outcomes

  The CPIS mission statement:  

California Prep is committed to the harmonious development of the whole person for student excellence in academics, character/personality, useful service, and global citizenship.


 I. Kind communicators (KC) 

1. Employ various communication methods
2. Express ideas in English (written and oral)
3. Have confidence in speaking with diverse audiences
4. Listen to and respect the ideas of others
5. Display open-mindedness and empathy

 II. Principled & values-oriented (PV) 

6. Adopt high moral and ethical standards
7. Stand for what is right and sensible
8. Value and support team work
9. Perform various tasks with positive attitude
10. Collaborate to achieve group goals
11. Exhibit self-control

 III. Reflective problem-solvers (RP) 

12. Display appropriate self-direction
13. Evaluate and monitor progress of tasks
14. Think creatively to solve problems
15. Develop questioning mindset
16. Make decision based on well-thought of options

 IV. Respectful, multicultural & caring (RM) 

17. Accept personality and individual differences
18. Appreciate and recognize diversity in culture
19. Inspire and build the well-being of others
20 Consider and treat others with great respect
21. Model love and tolerance towards others

 V. Balanced & Creative (BC) 

22. Analyze and evaluate views of others
23. Simplify issues into manageable tasks play
24. Develop creative and innovative mindset
25. Maintain holistic development for health
26 Possess a clear purpose in life

 VI. Self-motivated life-long learners(SL) 

27. Persevere on any assigned duty or homework
28. Learn to cooperate with others
29. Get enthusiastic with new & challenging stuff
30. Focus on diligent study to prepare for college work
31. Work independently with little or no supervision

 VII. Responsible citizens & positive contributors to society (RC) 

32. Follow rules and meet school expectations
33. Participate community service learning for life skills
34. Apply learning to real-life situations
35. Produce quality work/research at all times
36 Preserve “green” nature & a healthy environment

 Aligning with the above SLOs is the priority CPIS Priority Global Competencies emphasis in 2020-2021: 

1. Researching Current Global Issues (RGI)
2. Interdependence of Various Social System (IVS)
3. Understanding Multiple Perspectives (UMP)
4. Valuing Diversity in Culture and Orientation (DVO)
5. Using Technology for Multilingual Communication (UTC)
6. Acting Responsibly for a Better World (ARW)
7. Functioning Effectively in an Interdependent World (FIW)


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