Three-Pronged Emphasis

 Core Subjects/E-Learning 

California Prep considers English, Math, Science, and Business as the primary core subjects. The secondary core subjects are Social Studies, Thai, and Chinese. The e-learning modality will supplement/support the effective delivery of the curriculum with its student-centered strategies and approaches. The mastery learning cut-off is set at 80% mastery of the content standards or strands. Repetition and other laws of learning will be employed. Teachers will be required to teach few things well that hit the content standards but student will learn more with mastery.

The school has high expectations of each student. No mediocrity is allowed but the highest performance of each student is the target. However, this will be implemented with the multiple intelligence model and the situational contexts in mind. With qualified and positive teachers who are extra conscious in matching the learning styles and teaching styles, students can holistically achieve miraculous heights of success now and in the future.

 Talents Development 

California Prep accepts ordinary and super kids. For the super kids, the school gives all-out support in any way imaginable to help the kids reach their dreams. For the ordinary kids, our school endeavors to create an environment that brings out their best talents and potentials. By honing and developing the talents or gifts, we can transform ordinary kids to extra-ordinary citizens with better economic future.

To support talented or gifted students, California Prep has initiated the "ACE Talents Scholarship" for those who excel in their Academic, Sports, Music, Arts, etc. In addition, the school would like to attract young actors, models, and actresses through its program known as the "Special Elite Talents Education". This comes with strict admission since this is delivered with eclectic model (from traditional to non-traditional approaches) to ensure quality and unimaginable success.


Studies in prestigious universities around the world have consistently supported that children with good self-control and/or self-discipline tend to have far greater chances of success and better lives than those who lack self-control or miserably dysfunctional. Moreover, those kids with right values appear to be better prepared to tackle life's realities. Right values are viewed from perspective of multiculturalism where we learn to accept, respect, and tolerate any human being regardless of color, religious affiliation, status, and etc.

Our school intends to promote cultural values of various countries from time to time such as that of the host country like its cultural celebrations and the Thai "wai". However, the school does not regret in divulging its bias such as: Strictly NO to drugs, alcohol, and smoking. Thus, students and teachers who can't comply with this entry discipline have no place in the system. Definitely, our school can't be for all types of students. We can't achieve something for nothing!

In implementing the broad curriculum, the school and its personnel recognize that service is the bottom line. This perspective will have a trickle-down effect on the quality and cost. Any ambitious student is welcomed. In fact, the school has generous scholarships and discounts such as follows: Worthy Students' Scholarship; Corporate Discounts (5 students and above); Government Workers' Children Discount; Student Leaders' Scholarship; and ACE Talents Scholarship.

From G6 to G8, our curriculum will incorporate Vocational/ Practical arts to encourage students who are not very good at academics or who may wish to work immediately after high school graduation to go for vocational line which is the High School General Diploma with several options such as: Computer/Secretarial English; Computer/Tourism; English/Hotel Management; and Assistant Mechanics/Electrician.

Every student who wishes to graduate at California Prep will have to satisfy two of the basic requirements: Community Service Integration- 60 hours and Work Education- 60 hours.


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