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CPIS Holds the Annual External Pre-Test

California Prep held its annual external pre-test or the computer-based external exam for Grades 6 to 12 last August 27 and 28, 2020. The Elementary Section had conducted its paper-based external exam a week earlier.

All the exams were supported by the teachers who served as proctors or invigilators. Everything went smoothly except for a few students’ computers which bogged down.

The CPIS computer-based external exam is intended for Pre-Test and Post-test comparison and not for norm-reference test. Comparing our students with American native speakers is nonsense due to our contexts and emphases. CPIS is more interested in finding out the progress of our students from the first couple of weeks to the last couple of weeks. Thus, it is proper that we give our best support for a valid result by noting the Proctor’s or Invigilator’s duties during the test administration.

Proctors must:

  • Be the first person to enter the Exam Room.
  • Welcome and prepare the minds of the students with their computers only.
  • Let students settle down with the rule: “NO TALKING INSIDE THE EXAM ROOM”
  • Read aloud the Test Direction and the Examples for two times before each test section.
  • Request the students to raise their right hands if they are all ready to take the test.
  • Follow strictly the starting time and ending time by writing them on the white board and say “Begin”.
  • NOT entertain any questions relating to any test items like difficult words.
  • Insist that the students take a brief exercise during break times outside the classrooms.
  • NOT allow any students to touch or read the test booklets during break times.
  • Inform test-takers that the Math test doesn’t need a calculator.
  • Provide scratch papers for the Computation test but NO calculators.
  • Ensure that all test booklets are on the tables/desks and inside the classroom only until the day’s tests are done.
  • Gather all test booklets and take them to the Guidance Room. (Last Proctor)
  • Must religiously follow the Instructions given by the IT personnel.

The IT had released the following instructions to all the concerned teachers. These were called the Computer-based Exam Procedure for Teachers. They were as follows: Set the students to the preferred seating arrangement; Distribute the computer-based test slips and request students to fill them out; Ask the students to connect to the Exam WIFI access points form the login page before logging into the Exam Account; Ask students to navigate to the Browse Folder after inputting the name and ID number; Provide the Test Password; Commence the Text; and Ask the students to click the End Button after completing the test. (Furthermore, students need to write their scores on the Computer-based Test Slips and then close the ExamView Test Player program as well as Log Out from the Exam Accounts.

All the results will be graphed by subjects and by grades. Moreover, every student from G3 to G12 at CPIS will also have his/her individual graph. This will also be made available to the parents to help them understand the progress of their students while at CPIS. It goes with the saying that “Whatever is measured gets improved.”

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