CSC elects

CSC Elects Pangpond as CSC President for 2020-2021

The Central Student Council (CSC) elected Pangpond as the CSC president for the schoolyear 2020-2021.

Other elected officers to serve as student council and cabinet members for 2020-2021 are as follows:

CSC Officers

CSC members

Cabinet members


Pangpond G.12

Camcam G.11

Vice President

Oak G.12

Ryan G.11


Mike G.12

Jane and Krizzia G.11


Toey G.12

Naris and Bonus G.11


Boss G.12

Folk G.9

This school year 2020-2021, the CSC president, Pangpond, noted that the CSC would like to provide different experiences for the students. Furthermore, she stated that the “mission of the student council is to give California Prep International School students an opportunity to develop and to increase the skills of leadership by participating, organizing, and carrying out school activities.” Some of them are the following as cited by the CSC president:

1. Charity Programs (Tubkwang, Saraburi Trip with the objectives as follows:

      • To distribute donated goods to the homeless.
      • To share learning insights by means of educational games and songs.
      • To give valuable experiences to CPIS students in the form of Community Service.
      • To enhance the portfolio of the students by earning certificates of participation.

2. Milk Project in another perspective

3. Fundraising

      • TikTok Challenge
      • Selling shaved ice
      • Lucky Draw

The reason why the CSC has come up with this idea is to raise money for the charity program and keep the money to help support the improvement for the well-being of the students. The student leaders want to make this program interesting by coming out with the lucky draw idea. From what they observed last year’s Maesot fundraising and charity trip, students would be more enthusiastic to participate in such a program. This idea would give them the motivation to share their blessing

4. Activities

CPIS Fair: As observed, many of the students in our school have started their own businesses. So we will support the students by making this CPIS fair. Besides, all other students will also have the opportunity to learn about marketing, creativity, and finance. In some aspects, there will also be an academic competition. This competition may not be serious that serious but will definitely have some prizes.

Play to learn for the elementary students: This will involve the activity for the elementary children to play and learn by using simple games or activities such as crossword, board games, and group games. We believe that these activities will increase collaboration and socialization skills. This may be arranged once a month.

CPIS Got Talent (musical talent show): This is to continue building up the self-confidence of the students through the opportunities of singing, speaking, and art.

5. Community Service

      • Teach reading to students in Grades 1 to 4 during lunchtime
      • After school operator or pick-up time announcer

6.  Suggestion box

A suggestion box for the students or teachers to send feedback to the CSC will installed in a strategic place in order to improve our school. If the students have other suggestions, they may write and put them into the suggestion box. The student officers can try their best to solve all the problems which the students may have as well as the teachers to build up the student learning community.

The CSC sponsors are T Mhike, the head of the MS-HS section and T Friend, the university prep support.

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