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Blue House Wins Sportsfest 2020

The Blue House led by Mike-G12 and Ploy-G12 garnered the highest overall points during the secondary level CPIS Sportsfest 2020 (October 28-30) with the Red House led by Ponn-G12 & Jane-G12 emerged as 2nd placer.

The awarding ceremony were graced by TMhike, section coordinator; TLenie, section co-coordinator; TKuling, sports coordinator; and Dr. AT Libato, academic director.

With numerous games played by the competing teams from track and field sports to swimming events and popular sports, all the able team captains were on constant high-energy level as the rallied their teams to achieve the best performance. The house color captains were: Boss and Mungkorn for the Yellow House; Gem and North for the Green House; Mike and Ploy for the Blue House; and Ponn and Jane for the Red House. The winning teams of some most popular sports had their most valuable players granted special honors. The MVPs of the various popular games were as follows: Gem-G12, basketball; Kevin-G6, softball; Shane-10, volleyball; Oak-G12, futsal; and Oak-G12, table tennis. 

The CPIS Sportsfest 2020 was declared as one of the safest and best Sport-fests ever in the sense that all students played with their best shots plus the manifestations of high level of sportsmanship. Big thanks were said for all the teachers, student leaders, and especially to the organizers, the umpires, and house color sponsors, and the main movers who were TKuling, TSamson, and TLenie.

On the other hand, TJuby, elementary section head, reported that the overall champion of her section’s Sportsfest was also the Blue Team.  This was followed by the Green Team. All the team captains demonstrated their best novice leadership skills and deserved big kudos. They were: Jaron-G5, captain of the Blue Team; Yannie-G5, captain of the Green Team; Matthew-G5, captain of the Yellow Team; and Kaemboom-G5, captain of the Red Team.


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