California Prep provides the best balanced and child-centered education that enhances self-confidence, creativity, problem solving skills and math.


  • To instill in the minds of the pupils that they are highly valued and respected
  • To incorporate the values of acceptance, respect, and tolerance regardless of colors, status, & nationality
  • To develop the social skills, love of learning and reading habit
  • To improve the language proficiency through whole language and phonics with emphasis on the foundation skills in speaking, listening and handwriting
  • To build relationship with parents through dialogues and progress reports
  • To highly involve parents in various activities
  • To introduce activities that lead to drawing connections, understanding of numbers, interactive communication, and love for school


This program is tailored to satisfy the needs of the children from 3 to 5 years old. More fun activities, indoor and outdoor, will be enjoyed by the students.

Teachers are highly encouraged to inspire the children with frequent outdoor activities close to the miracles of Nature. We realize that these small ones need a lot of oxygen for their growth especially their developing brains and muscles. With our great curriculum delivery, we put safety as number one priority.

California Prep deeply commits itself to provide the most holistic, student-learning centered and child-centered elementary education that enhances creative imagination and builds inquisitive mindset for joyful learning.


  • To maintain small class sizes for highly conducive learning environment
  • To give special individualized attention to each student based on assessments
  • To provide various indoor and outdoor student activities
  • To intentionally create a classroom of high engagement
  • To show deep caring attitude to the students
  • To show that teachers are role models in being friendly and considerate
  • To hone the habit of reading and love for learning

The program designed for ages 6 to 11 opens doors of realities for the pupils to increase their repertoire of experiences and opportunities. Out of their experiences, they will make sense of their new information. Intricate balance in strategies will be a major delivery concern for a holistic development. In this stage, the overall mission of the school will take its full swing focusing on the core or primary emphases and the secondary dimensions as noted in the three-pronged emphasis. Class objectives and activities are set closest to the real-life situations so that the students will hone their social and academic skills well prepared for the Middle School rigors.

California Prep intends to offer the best balanced and practical education with most challenging e-learning delivery modality in order to sharpen the problem-solving skills and develop a well-rounded personality.


  • To offer practical arts and vocational orientation to the students
  • To help students develop problem solving skills and decisiveness
  • To provide activities that challenge students to be more creative and responsible
  • To create an environment that supports self-esteem and critical thinking
  • To set high expectations in the English basic skills especially speaking, listening, and reading
  • To provide the most solid guidance and counseling services to ensure high school success
  • To boost the emphases on leadership skills, self-discipline and well-rounded personality

The Middle School students (ages 12 to 14) are considered to be the most challenging task for teachers to tackle. This is due to the biological or hormonal changes going on in their bodies that they themselves don’t even understand. Besides improving the social and academic skills, this program will give value-added push on the following: speaking clearly, reading with understanding and writing sensibly. The development of critical thinking skill is given special emphasis plus knowledge broadening skills and life skills.

California Prep intends to provide the most challenging and rigorous academic preparation for higher education in the context of multiple intelligences and mastery to ensure balanced development and relative success for all students.


  • To frequently assess the student learning for performance tracking
  • To integrate prep classes for the external tests such as SAT, TOEFL, TOEIC, etc.
  • To inspire and support some students to challenge the AP and IB exams.
  • To create practical options for students who are non-academically gifted
  • To set high expectations on communications skills as part of the graduation requirement
  • To require every senior student to produce a baby thesis plus an oral defense
  • To emphasize apprenticeship in business for hands-on and real life exposure

This program has a program of studies includes various options that are very tough and highly rigorous. Only well-disciplined students and highly motivated are encouraged to go through. Otherwise, they will just be wasting their time and money. However, the school implements the program with academic support from the back drop of multiple intelligences and strict discipline. Understandably, the school desires to produce graduates who are the best and will be the pride of their countries. Thus, programs will be put in place to give students guidance/counseling, language exposure, and strong apprenticeship. Students who reach G12 are considered as the cream of the crop in terms of language proficiency level, self-discipline, life skills, social/academic skills, and responsibility.

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