CPIC MS/HS Section Awards Academic Achievers

The California Prep Middle School & High School Section held its Quarter 1 Academic Recognition Program last November 26, 2021 from 8:40 AM to 9:25 AM in the CPIS auditorium with online students joining in via Zoom 12. The said program was graced by the presence of Dr. Paul, career adviser; homeroom advisers; TMhike, MS/HS section head; TPhilip, MS/HS chaplain; and Dr. AT Libato, CPIS academic director.

Higlighting the recognition ceremony was the awarding of the honor students. Quarter 1 Academic Achievement Awardees were granted to the following:
Grade 6 (Presented by T. Anne): Tata, AJ, Tigger, Jaron, Yannie, Matthew, Manya, & Kaemboom
Grade 7 (Presented by T. Joana): Archi, Harvey, Faro, Pieng, Kevin, Praiselyn, Stamp, & Stang
Grade 8 (Presented by T. Hercules): Nadie & Khem
Grade 9 (Presented by T. Jonathan): Nai, Cherry, Chongming, & Yoke
Grade 10 (Presented by T. Mhike): Alfa, Zee, Folk, Linus, & Shantell
Grade 11 (Presented by T. Charity): Faye, Samuel, Grant, Mook, & Charlotte
Grade 12 (presented by T. Philip): Erben, Ryan, Kriz, Cam, & Pat

The final portion of the program was the presentation of students who garnered the highest GPAs which was done by T. Mhike and Dr. Libato. The highest GPAs awards were given to the following students: Kaemboom of G6 for the middle school and Samuel of G11 for the high school. In addition, some students who got the highest GPAs during the past school year were also honored such as: Nadie, Shantell, and Erben.

The Event Committee Members were: Emcee: T. Anne; Zoom Manager: Ms. Janice; Visual; Graphics: CSC PRO; Program: T. Mhike; & Photographer: Chongming of G9. The team aired the recognition program on Facebook Live through the official CPIS Facebook Page:  www.facebook.com/caprepschool

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