Teachers & Staff

Michael Alcaide

MS/HS Section Coordinator

James Cott

AP Co-Coordinator

Paul Coetser

Guidance Counselor / Teacher

Cyril Importante

IT Admin

Charity Libato

English Teacher

Jun Ambrocio

English Teacher

Amita Shah

Math Teacher

Sylvia Sun

Math Teacher

Jonathan Amparo

Science Teacher

Anne Amparo

English Teacher

Joana Bunagan

English Teacher

John Mark Consular

Science Teacher

Christine Gomez

Elementary Section Coordinator

Shiela Gavile

Grade 1 Homeroom

Angeline Aguilar

Grade 2 Homeroom

Milete Paril

Grade 3 Homeroom

Maranatha Paw

Grade 4 Homeroom

Raymond Nel

Elementary Teacher

Samson Aguilar

P.E. & Music Teacher

Janice Pineda

Computer Teacher

Hercules Camilo

P.E. & Health Teacher

Jochebed Teach

Chinese Teacher

Charidel Libato

Music Teacher

Claire Importante

English Teacher

Michelle Alcaide

Kindergarten Section Coordinator

Daniela Assimiti

Kindergarten Teacher

Kharen Cervantes

Kindergarten Teacher

Jongkon Tuanmuenwaik

Thai Teacher

Del Libato

Substitute Teacher/Survey Support

Ink Chairattanaprapa

Thai Teacher

Ploy Seakhow

Thai Teacher

We dedicate our life to our profession in harnessing and preparing your child towards the future.

Our Vision

With highly qualified and loving mentors, California Prep has positioned itself to deliver its American-based curriculum which has...

Our Mission

California Prep is committed to the harmonious development of the whole person for student excellence in...