Dr. Phakdee Joins Accrediting Teams

Dr. Phakdee Mangmiwatthana, the CPIS executive director, served as the chairperson these past 2021-2022 months of several online ONESQA accreditation visits to some prestigious international such as follows: NIST International School, Bangkok; Shrewsbury International School, Bangkok; American Pacific International School, Chiangmai; and American Pacific International School (Primary Campus), Chiangmai. The main purpose of the online accreditation visit was to reaffirm the institutional accreditation granted by the international accrediting bodies with a special focus on the Thai Education Standards.

The CPIS executive director commented that the above international schools have been trying their level best to deliver their curriculums employing the most up-to-date technology and strategies. Just like any other schools, however, they also have their areas of challenge and improvement. There are no perfect schools. Nevertheless, these schools have appeared to be more focused and serious on student learning vis-à-vis the standards of the ONESQA as well as the standards of the international accrediting bodies.

Before the above mentioned school accreditation visits,, Dr. Phakdee had participated in the ACS-WASC accrediting team that physically visited Kavalee International School in Bangkok. During this visit, he was the committee chair that focused on the ONESQA standards. Furthermore, the physical ONESQA visit to the King Mongkut Demonstration International School was also chaired by Dr. Phakdee who noted that the whole spectrum and in-depth exposure to the various international schools offered him a wealth of experience and fabulous insights in operating international schools.

In addition, just after the King Mongkut’s accreditation visit, Dr. Phakdee was requested to chair the ONESQA accrediting committee that visited Unity International School Chiangmai. “It was indeed a humbling and learning experience to get involved with the accreditation visits that trigger inspiration to learn more administrative lessons to treasure and cherish for life,” Dr. Phakdee finally pointed out in an interview.

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