Elementary Section Recognizes Academic Achievers

CPIS Elementary Section showed appreciation to the quarter academic achievers of school year 2021-2022 last November 26, 2021 in the CPIS auditorium with the presence of the homeroon adivers, subject teachers, and TJuby, the section head. Dr. Phakdee Mangmiwatthana and Dr. Ade Libato, respectively, the CPIS executive director and the academic administrator participated during the special awarding ceremony.

The Quarter 1 academic achievers as well as the students with the highest GPAs in math, English, and science sbujects were granted academic awards. They were as follows:

Grade 1
Yada; Porsche; Yindi 1; Aline; Phuphum; Kin; Grace; Fozia; Shara

Grade 2
Panngern; Petch; Alesha

Grade 3
Thamizh; Marty; Ava; Rafia

Grade 4
Ton Aor 3.97; Heng-Heng; Proud; Mat-Mat; Kabkan

Grade 5
E’to 3.94; Sunday; Sean; Piano

Students who were honored and recognized as Best in English, Math, and Science
for the school year 2020-2021 in quarter 1 were as follows:

Grade 1
Panngern – Math & Science
Alesha – Math & Science
Top – Math
Milin – Science

Grade 2
Ava – Math & Science
Rafia – Science
Marty – Math & Science
Thamizh – English, Math & Science

Grade 3
Kabkan – English & Science
Heng-Heng – English, Math & Science
Aomsin – Math & English
Mat-Mat – English, Math & Science
Noah – Math & Science
Ton Aor – English, Math & Science
Proud – English, Math & Science

Grade 4
Piano – Math
Machi – Math
John – Math
E’to – English, Math & Science

The elementary students were given inspiration tips by Dr.Phakdee and Dr. Libato when they gave their opening and closing remarks during the said program. 

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