WASC VC Training

Dr. Phakdee Mangmiwatthana, CPIS executive director, and dr. Ade Libato, CPIS academic principal, attended the pre-EARCOS ACS WASC session designed for the WASC VC members in Shangri-la Bangkok last Oct 26, 2022 from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. The said training was conducted by Dawn Rock and Natalie Abad Merritt. Both of them are ACS WASC International Consultants.

The said training was one of the three trainings with the other two specifically for the self-study preparation and for the WASC VC chairpersons. All the three groups had been packed with the pre-registered participants. The said event was graced by the presence of Dr. Marilyn George and Dr. Barry Groves, respectively, the WASC executive vice-president and the WASC president.

It was indeed an insightful refresher course delivered and facilitated by accreditation experts who have been into many visiting committees to help schools around the world. The training lasted the whole day with informative and endurable experience since the approach was highly interactive. Hence, the participants were highly engaged. To wind up, the attendees were given the chance to share their feedback and comments.

One of the general comments was as follows: “One thing I’ve appreciated most is the clarity of presenting the continuous improvement insights and the principle of being a critical friend to support schools for high student learning.”

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