CPIS Elementary Camping 2023

CPIS Elementary Camping 2023

One of the most awaited activities by elementary students is camping. Students can’t get hold of
their excitement and emotions while participating in all the activities. On the morning of the first
day, they had camp bread-making and grilling activities. The expressions on their faces show 
how happy and proud they are of themselves. From prepping to cooking they do it all on their
own. Then in the afternoon, they had water games and swimming.
On the last day of camping, students had marching and drilling in the morning. Giggles filled the
air as spectators waited for the other students to innocently make a mistake in executing the
commands. Their agility and competitiveness were tested when they participated in the obstacle
course. Just before the awarding, students’ ability to decipher messages and pictures, solve
puzzles, have math skills, comprehension, and teamwork were tried as they did the challenges
while finding the treasure.
Students enjoyed the activities and had fun learning while overcoming the challenges given to
them. Camping is definitely an unforgettable experience for the students.

Yes! We’re going on a FIELD TRIP!
A day at the National Science Museum was indeed another remarkable field trip that students
enjoyed so much. The museum is home to scientific exhibitions and activities focused on
educating visitors on historical developments and basic science. The striking place is situated in
Pathum Thani, Thailand.
It has fascinating facilities that ignite students’ excitement and imagination such as:
1. Science Museum – features a Fun Science play area that engages children while allowing them
to learn in the process. Students were amazed by the stupendous sight as they cheerfully
participated in the activities and had fun classifying animals of seven continents.
2. History Museum – presents the natural world and the life forms that occupy our planet. From
the smallest microorganism to the gigantic dinosaurs that walked the land millions of years ago.
It also gives children a peek into the bio-diversity of the entire planet.
3. Big Bang Theater – allows students to experience a first-class tour back to the birth of the
universe. Seated in a huge dark room, students were in awe and stunned as history begins to
Students were overwhelmed and enjoyed all the activities at the National Science Museum with
the warm assistance and support of all the personnel. Providing a field trip kind of activity to
students will impart knowledge for learning from a relevant real-world perspective. Field trips
give motivation and new experiences that learners cannot obtain from a traditional lesson.

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