CPIS Holds Sports Varsity Day 2023

California Prep held its Sports Varsity Day 2023 last May 12 with selected outdoor games conducted in the basketball court and indoors games in the cafeteria. These games were participated by the players of the house colors as representatives. The main teachers who were responsible in the various games were T Mhike, T Jamie, T Joana, and T Kool.

The whole-day activities gave students opportunities to express themselves and spend their energy in playing, cheering, and socializing. Student spectators enjoyed witnessing the following: volleyball, football, basketball, badminton, and chess. Adding flavor to the occasion was the presence of the students from AIMS. Friendship games were held between AIMS and CPIS teams in basketball and volleyball. AIMS prevailed in basketball for two points.

One of the highlights of the said event was the awarding of certificates to students for their participation in the various sports programs and activities of the school. Leading the certificate distribution was T Jamie.

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