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The First e-Learning International School in Thailand.


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Latest News

  • Q3 Achievers 016

    California Prep awarded the academic achievers of quarter 3 last

    April 25, 2018 during the chapel period. Some CPIS administrators took part during the simple awarding ceremony.

    The high GPA awardees were as follows: E'to (Elementary Section); Grant (Middle School); and Emily (High School).

    List Academic Achievers

    Grade 1    E'to

    Grade 2    Kaemboom

    Grade 3    Harvey

    Grade 4    Nai

    Grade 5    Lotte

    Grade 6    Grant

    Grade 7   Cream

    Grade 8    Deedee

    Grade 9    Gem

    Grade 10   Ayush

    Grade 11   Aum

    Grade 12   Auhm

    The school gifted the highest GPA awardees with little cash as a symbol of their hard work, diligence, and brilliance. After the awarding ceremony, Dr. AT Libato shared with the students some inspirational messages and congratulated all students for their good behavior and attitude most especially to the academic awardees.

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  • Basketball ribbon cutting 007

    Dr. Phakdee, CPIS director and Dr. AT Libato, CPIS academic administrator led the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the CPIS

    basketball court with its new roof last April 9, 2018 just eight days after the CPIS family celebrated the CPIS 7th Anniversary.

    Teachers and students participated in the event and joined the ceremonial shout of "CHAYO!".

    Highlighting the said ceremony was a 3/2-point shot competition sponsored by Dr. Phakdee and the Minimart. This competition was participated by the teachers and the student representatives from the grade 6 to grade 12 classes. The winners of the 3/2-point shot competition were as follows: Daks and Maxene from G10; Bodo from G11; Gem from G9; Oak from G8; and T Lenie from the faculty.

    The ribbon-cutting ceremony was coordinated by T Mhike, activities coordinator & IT administrator and T Dan, discipline coordinator and co-coordinator of the G6-G12 section. They were supported by the members of the photography class.


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  • KPIS Music Challenge 1KPIS Music Challenge 2

    California Prep participated in the Music Festival Competition 2018 held on the KIS campus in Bangkok last March 23, 2018. The school sent two groups to join the competition such as the CPIS Band and the selected singers from the CPIS Chorus.

  •  Camp 2018 274

    G4 to G12 students held their 3-day camping at the Fountain Tree Club Resort in Pakchong, Nakhon Rachasima last February 13-15, 2018.

  • Friendly Game 2018 035

    California Prep and Saint John Mary held friendly games at the SJM campus on the following sports and dates: Futsal (under 15 boys)- February 21, 2018; Basketball (under 18 boys)- November 30, 2017 and January 24, 2018; Table Tennis- November 30, 2018; and Volleyball (under 18 girls)- February 23, 2018. All referees were from the host school.

    In all the friendly games noted above, the California Prep students received big congratulations from the students and teachers for winning in all the sports being played.

  • Anniversary Concert 2018 007

    California Prep International School (CPIS) held a 7th-anniversary concert last February 4 at Asia Pacific International University (APIU/AIU) to launch its 7th anniversary celebration that will climax on April 1, 2018.

    The said concert was graced by Filip Pogady, an award-winning violinist based in New York, USA. He was assisted by T Charidel on the piano, a music teacher at California Prep.  

  • Q2 Achievers 004


    California Prep academic administration awarded thirty six high achievers for the 2nd quarter last January 17, 2018 at the CPIS Auditorium.

  • Christams Program 2017 124

    The time-honored tradition of Christmas is cherished by many people, today. It recaptures the imagination through Christmas carols, decorated venues, homes and trees; nativity play, gifts, food, snow, Santa Claus and holiday, to name but a few.

  • Q1 Achievers 207

    The academic department awarded the students with high academic achievements and who got 3.5 GPA and above during the 1st quarter of the school year 2017-2018.

  • Loi Kratong 2017 272
    CPIS celebrates one of the most interesting and spectacular ritual festive holidays of Thailand, Loy Krathong. At CPIS, it is associated with the notion: "Dawn of Happiness" looking back in nostalgic recreation to the starting point, golden era or departure of glory in Thailand's history.

  • International Day 2017-2018 005

    ASEAN (One vision one identity, one country) is a group of ten nations united to create peace love and harmony within its region. It is the genesis of International Day for these countries celebrating their similarities and differences.

  • Library Day 2017 050

    John Milton (December 1608 – November 1674) and Sir Francis Bacon (January 1561-April 1626) are two famous English writers known for generating the idea that: "Reading maketh a man".In a nutshell, the thought Conveyed is: a person who practices the habit of reading will become a well learned and informed individual.

  • eLearning Modality

    Being the 1st e-learning international school in Thailand, California Prep is on the road to speed up its full e-Learning venture.

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  • English-Speaking Emphasis

    To increase the students' English proficiency level is a felt need. This is one of the most challenging academic mountains to surmount.

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  • Talents Development

    CPIS accepts ordinary and super kids. For the super kids, the school gives all-out support in any way imaginable to help the kids reach their dreams.

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  • Competitive Assessments

    The school has been using two external assessment tools such as the IOWA and the MAC II tests to monitor and track the student academic performance.

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  • Mastery Learning

    Mastery learning may imply that a particular student has mastered at least 80% of the course or subject standards or strands.

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  • Self-discipline and Values

    Right values are viewed from perspective of multiculturalism where we learn to accept, respect, and tolerate any human being regardless of color, religious affiliation and status.

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  • Redemptive Discipline

    In implementing the broad curriculum, the school and its personnel recognize that service is the bottom line. This perspective will have a trickle-down effect on the academic quality and overall success.

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  • Drug-free Campus

    Strictly NO to drugs, alcohol, and smoking. Thus, students and teachers who can't comply with this entry discipline have no place in the system.

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  • e-Learning Modality
  • English Speaking Emphasis
  • Talents Development
  • Competitive Assessments
  • Mastery Learning
  • Self-discipline and Values
  • Redemptive Discipline
  • Drug-free Campus


The best balanced and child-centered education that enhances self-confidence, creativity, problem solving skills and math.

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Holistic, student-learning centered and child-centered elementary education that enhances creative imagination and builds inquisitive mindset for joyful learning.

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Middle School

Balanced and practical education with most challenging e-learning delivery modality in order to sharpen the problem-solving skills and develop a well-rounded personality.

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High School

Challenging and rigorous academic preparation for higher education to ensure balanced development and relative success for all students.

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