Science Educational Trip 2023

The Middle & High School Section went on a field trip dubbed as Science Educational Field Trip 2023 to the famous National Science Museum in Pathum Thani last October 27, 2023. There were 116 students and teachers who joined the said field trip which was coordinated by TNing and TMhike plus the logistical support by Khun Lite. Leaving the campus at 8:30 am on October 27, the CPIS students were assigned chaperons who were as follows: T. Anne, T. Amita, T. Joana, T Hercules, T. Sylvia, T. Jennifer, T. Mhike, T. Jongkon, T. John Mark, T. Philip, T. Jonathan, Dr. Paul, T. Jochebed, and T. Charity.

 Student safety and well-being served as their main responsibilities. This meant that the teachers would ensure that students got the directions with clarity and that they were always with their buddies and accounted for. With all the senses employed beyond the classroom walls, students appeared to learn a lot from the new holistic offering of the said museum with the new developments and additions. All the objectives of the field trip were achieved and the team came home with new science insights and inspiration due to the exposure gained from the state-of-the-art National Science Museum which has been one of the most popular student field-trip destinations in Thailand.

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