California Prep celebrated its International Day 2022 dubbed as “Taste of the World” last September 30, 2022 on the CPIS basketball court which was highly attended by many parents and graced by the presence of Dr. Phakdee Mangmiwatthana, the school executive director. Highlighting the memorable event was the International Flags Parade with the sound of the CPIS Teachers’ Band. The said event was lead by Dr. Paul Coetser, university prep adviser and Teacher Philip Rathan values and social department head.

After the welcome and opening prayer of Dr. AT Libato, the academic principal, program MC T. Anne introduced the major parts of the event such as: The Beauty Pageant; The Cultural Performances; The Booth Displays; and the Awarding Ceremony. The countries represented by the K-G12 homerooms were as follows:

PreK-K.1&K.2/South Korea                                                  

-Performance Prep K & KI (Banana Cha Cha Dance)

-Performance K.2 (Frog Dance)


 Performance K.3 (Mundiyan Dance)

G.1 & G.3/China

(The Land of the Red Dragon)

-Performance G.1 & G3 (Chinese Umbrella Dance)

G2 &G4

(A Discovery to share)

Performance G.2& G4

(Maria, By Ricky Martin Dance)


 Performance G.5

(Ceilidh Dancing)


Performance G.9


(The Land of the Free)

 Performance G.7

(Dance: Timber)

G8 Japan

(The Land of rising)

Performance G8

(Japanese Parasol Dance)

G9 & G10

It’s time for Africa

Performance G9 &G10

(WOKA, WOKA Dance)


Pearl of the Orient:

Love with Fun

Performance G11

(Philippines IKAW LANG Song)


( Berekutu Beratambah Mutu ) Unity is strength

Performance G12

(Saya Anak song & Dance)


Tough competitions were conducted on the following activities with their judging criteria:

-The Cultural Dance: music quality, choreography, synchronization, depiction of the theme, costumes, group participation; -The Food: students’ participation in the prep, food sales, presentation of dishes; -The Booth: discipline & student response, decoration, display of cultural exhibits, efforts and design, overall appearance; -The Beauty Pageant/Fashion Show: creativity, authenticity of costumes, depiction of theme, and originality.

The remarkable success of the program was due to the collaborative efforts of the students and teachers. While the booths and beauty pageant took the massive time, attraction, and applause, the food preps and selling of food were engaging and highly participated by the students. The overall event was rated okay generally because of the untiring labor of the homeroom advisers and the working force below:

Some special assignments and responsibilities



1. Managing music and backtracks

T. Jonathan assisted by school sound manager

2. Design and ordering of stage backdrop

T. Cyril

3. Photographer and Videographer

T. Cyril

4. Setting up the stage, stage backdrop, outdoor projector screen and other structural needs. This includes electrical outlets, tables, front supports for booths, and others

School maintenance department

5. MC

T. Anne

6. Preparing and organizing the trophies

T. Jamie

7. Tabulation of scores

T. Amita and T. Milete

8 Judges panel

T. Jamie, Ajarn Aewl, T. Dao, T. Jam, T. Claire, T. Amita

9. Safety supervisors

T. Kool, T. Sam, T. Mar

10. Nursing and first aid

T. Milete and T. Jasmin

11. General administrative and financial support

T. Ning

12. Design and preparation of program brochure

T. Mhike / Chongming-G10

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