Kindergarten Section Holds Christmas Program

The CPIS Kindergarten section held its Christmas Program last December 4, 2020 in the school auditorium which started at 10 am. This was led by T Michelle, the section head, and graced by Dr. Phakdee Mangmiwatthana, the CPIS executive director and Dr. AT Libato, the academic director. As expected, the kindergarteners’ program would yield high turnout of parents and relatives. The year-end spirit of loving and giving was heard and witnessed during the joyous event. The program’s highlights included the following: “Japanese Christmas Tiger-San Song”; “All I Want for Christmas is You”; “Jingle Bells in Indian Version”; “Christmas Medley Songs”; “Last Christmas”; and “Christmas in Any Language”.

The participation of the parents and all the kindergarten teacher and assistants added flavor to the occasion. It was, indeed, a happy year-end celebration. One LOVE message of the season was the birth of Jesus (the God who became man) who died to save all people from their sins.

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