2022 Champion Junior PGA – Alis Inprasit OF G11

ALISA INPRASIT OF G11 , fondly called by friends as Papang has just got back to Thailand this September 2022 after her four-month golf tour and games in the USA. She has joined some golf tournaments in several states and emerged as first and second placer. Three trophies are witnesses of her triumphs. In Virginia golfing experience, Papang has garnered first place in a tournament sponsored by American Junior Golf Association 2022 (AJGA).

Papang has been offered full scholarship to ten universities in the US for her university studies. Weighing some logistical considerations, Papang has decided to accept the offer of Arizona University. Hence, after completing her studies at CPIS, Papang will be playing for Arizona University and joining the team of sponsored golfers. Besides full tuition scholarship, she will also enjoy free board and lodging and free tournament travel expenses plus some yearly stipend.

CPIS wishes to congratulate Papang and salute to her parents for their unwavering and untiring support in making a champion. We are proud of you Papang!

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