CPIS Students Honor Teachers 2022

The long-tradition WAI KRU ceremony of honoring and paying special respect and recognition to teachers was held at the CPIS auditorium last September 15, 2022 with all the CPIS students and some parents. The said ceremony was led by the Thai Language Dept Head AJarn Jongkon, Ajarn Jongrak, and Ajarn Tik with solid support from all teachers as well as the G12 and G11 students. It was graced by the presence of T Ning, Business Manager & Deputy Director for Parents’ Relations; Ajarn Jam, CPIS Registrar; Dr. Paul Coetser, AdCom secretary; and Dr. AT Libato.


The said ceremony was highlighted by the lighting of the candle and anointing of the book on stage by T Ning on behalf of Dr. Phakdee, the CPIS executive director, who was out of town for a meeting.  After the “Tian Song Faa” song by the students, the audience witnessed the Thai cultural dances to show respect to the teachers such as:

Part 1 “Tian Song Faa” Dance (MS/HS students) (Tangmo, Fern, Punch, Jeen, I-oon, Anda)

Part 2 “Roi Jai Ma Krab Kru” Dance (Elem students) (Ava, Anya, Tonaor, Kabkan, Tonkao, Proud Aomsin)


At the later part of the event, Shane-G12, the MC, invited the Ping-G12 to say “The Teacher’s Prayer” with all the students joining. The program winded up with the closing remarks of Dr. Libato, appreciations, and Wai Kru Parn picture-taking.

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