English Day Competition Winners

California Prep held its English Day Competition last May 3, 2023 in the CPIS auditorium with selected groups of teachers as competition judges. It was graced by the presence of Dr. Phakdee Mangmiwatthana, the CPIS executive director, the CPIS faculty, and some parents. Participating in the said competition with various categories were representatives from the kindergartens to the high schoolers.

Led by the English department teachers, the said competition was also flavored by some special renditions: In-G10; K1 & K2 students’ Phonics game; Yada, Shara, Sophie, & Lemon; as well as the play-for-fun games-Anagram by different grade levels. After the whole day of fun learning, the winners came home with cash awards and certificates. The student winners and the various competition categories were as follows:

English Day Competition Result

Spelling Bee Category 1.      K3-G1Winners (Tie) Phupa and Anda K32.      G2-G3Winner – Porsche G23.      G4-G5Winner – Matmat – G54.      G6-G8Winner – Matthew G75.      G9-G11Winner Shane G11 
Essay Writing Category Middle School1.      Champion – Mania G72.      First runner up – Praiselyn G83.      Second runner up – Eto G6High School4.      Champion – Ton Kid G105.      First runner up- Zee G116.      Second runner up – Soon G9 
Story Writing Category G1-G3All Winners1.      Ryota  G12.      Yada G23.      Millin G3G4-G54.      Champion – Kapkhan G55.      First runner up – Matmat G56.      Second runner up – Martin G4 
Storytelling Category K3 – G27.      Champion – Aline G28.      First runner up – Jobo K39.      Second runner up – Ryota G1G3- G510.  Champion – Ton Aor G511.  First runner up – Tara G312.  Second runner up – Martin G4 
Extemporaneous Speech Category Middle School13.  Champion – Kevin G814.  First runner up – Wania G715.  Second runner up – AJ G7High School16.  Champion – Afa G1117.  First runner up – Chongming G1018.  Second runner up – Pun G9 
Declamation Category Middle School19.  Champion – Yannie G720.  First runner up – Jimmy G821.  Second runner up – Eto G6High School22.  Second runner up – In G10 

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