MS-HS Quarter 2 Academic Achievers

The CPIS MS-HS section led by T Mhike recognized the 2nd quarter academic achievers last January 20, 2023 at 9 am during the chapel program in the school auditorium. Gracing the special ceremony were Dr. Paul, (AdCom secretary) and Ajarn Jamie, (AP co-coordinator) who distributed the certificates and awards to the high performing students from G6 to G12.


Middle and High School Quarter 2 Academic Achievers (2022-2023)

Grade 6:

  1. E’to
  2. Piano
  3. Sunday
  4. Machi
  5. Wania

Best in Math: Machi Best in English: E’to Best in Science: E’to


Grade 7:

  1. Yannie
  2. Tigger
  3. Tata
  4. AJ
  5. Manya
  6. Matthew
  7. Jaron
  8. Kunkao
  9. Petch

Best in Math: Manya Best in English: Manya Best in Science: Matthew

Grade 8:

  1. Faro
  2. Stamp
  3. Stang
  4. Kevin

Best in Math: Kevin

Best in English: Faro Best in Science: Stamp



Grade 9:

  1. Kem

Best in Math: Kem

Best in English: Kem

Best in Science: Kem


Grade 10:

  1. Tonkid

Best in Math: Chongming

Best in English: Tonkid & Auhm          Best in Science: Tonkid

Grade 11:

  1. Shantell
  2. Zee
  3. Wawa
  4. Affa

Best in Math: Shantell

Best in English: Shantell

Best in Science: Shantell

Grade 12:

  1. Samuel
  2. Shane
  3. Faye

Best in Math: Samuel Best Best in English: Samuel

Best in Science: Samuel / Faye

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